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Vibing with Style aims to be all things lifestyle from parenthood to work and travel. These days I’m so many things to so many people that I’m finding it quite difficult to define who I am. It’s so easy to lose your identity whilst trying to be the best mum, wife, daughter, sister, career woman and not to forget mature university student. The thing is I like working hard, but also refuse to give up on my social life, my R&R and travel. I guess I’m no exception…just an ordinary 21st century woman juggling all these roles that modern life has to ‘offer’. I decided to start this blog as a ‘show and tell’ of how I manage to do it all and hoping to provide a platform for other women to share their own experiences and thoughts. The blog will be basically my lifestyle diary covering all things lifestyle: motherhood, family, work, study, travel, etc. Enjoy!