I’m baaaack!



Right…so I haven’t written anything on here for ages, though I did complete a 4000 word assignment for my university course, which naturally exhausted all of my creative juices and desire to write another thing! The things we do to ourselves!…not even our worst enemy can inflict upon us (old Bulgarian proverb;). Anyway, there’s been a lot going on and I’ll try to touch on it all: the good, bad and the ugly. First the good: our child-free trip to Croatia was amazing…from successfully persuading the hotel staff to upgrade our room (to a high roller suite, no less) to making international friends on our eventful (see also precarious:) bus trip to Krka National Park. A definite highlight of the trip (also lowest point in my husband’s life) was using the Jacuzzi in the hotel spa and him ending up with pubic hair on his face. Contrary to his claims that I’m always on my phone taking pictures, I actually lived in the moment (laughed my head off) and completely forgot to document this spectacle; however it is indeed ingrained in my memory forever.

I also had a long overdue catch up with a good friend I met whilst living in America. She wasn’t just any friend, she was also my roomie for a few years so we not only shared an apartment, but some really funny stories and not so funny secrets. Getting together again after 10 years to the month was somewhat surreal yet our encounter was super natural…like we were never apart. Our lives have obviously moved on, like I have two kids now and she has a fiance, but it was a relief to find that our connection and silly banter were still alive and well. The boys can certainly attest to this as they kept telling us to dial it down cos they couldn’t hear each other talk about defense and space…whatevs (an eye roll)!

And the bad…well, at the risk of sounding like a tree-hugger, I can’t really think of anything bad. I try to stay positive and have a grateful heart; as long as I have my health and my family…I’m unfuckwithable! I see a lot of people in my line of work, people from all walks of life and some of their stories are truly heart-wrenching…it puts things into perspective, for sure. Namaste! 

And finally the ugly…I do actually have a story for this category. I recently had some filler injected into my forehead and lips and as it was on a Thursday night, anybody normal would’ve called in sick the day after, but I actually went in…bumps and all! Nobody said anything or asked any questions, but I could tell they were trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with my face. Gotta love the British politeness! My husband eloquently described my look as a combination of things: platypus in the lips and the ridged-forehead aliens from Star Trek in the forehead….a mythical creature of sorts. I’m happy to say it’s all back to normal now (or slightly improved should I say?! (wink wink)), and life is definitely good. I’m out, but thanks for reading and keep an eye out for my next installment of rambling;)



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