Let’s Talk Hair…and I Don’t Mean the Good Kind

With the anti-hair trends of 21st century where body hair (especially on women) is ‘associated with being unkempt, unclean or even barbaric’ (thetab.com) no wonder the hair removal industry is well and thriving, and likely to get even bigger. Women are expected to have skin as smooth as an egg shell and be completely hairless apart from what grows on their scalp and above their eyes. Let me tell you…the time and money I’ve spent shaving, plucking, tweezing, waxing and epilating (let’s not even open the ‘having to endure all the pain’ can of worms right now) I quite possibly could’ve owned a small apartment somewhere in the Balearics and probably raised another child.

I can’t say I like the look of hair on my legs, but is that because it’s really that repulsive or because we’ve been so conditioned by the beauty industry and its advertisements, magazines and TV commercials to dislike body hair and remove it every chance we get? Either way, most of us do it and we are utterly repelled even shocked in the rare cases that we come across a woman holding on to the handrail on the subway exposing her unshaven underarm hair. We subconsciously judge her, mock her and of course wonder why she’s chosen to not remove her armpit hair. But I think we also secretly admire her for being strong and actually not giving a hoot about what society thinks…wearing her body hair like a badge of honour.

The only hair removal method I haven’t tried yet is laser. I’ve heard it’s painful and very expensive, but at least it’s meant to be permanent (so saving you time and money in the long run). However I am happy to say that I might’ve indeed found a brilliant, less expensive alternative. I was looking for a Xmas present for myself (as you do😉) last year and came across these IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal devices. I then went on Amazon and started reading the reviews people have written about their experiences with IPL. It was like having an epiphany…how had I not heard about this earlier?! People were absolutely raving about it. I ended up buying a 3 in 1 IPL device, which was a mid range price with very good reviews called Deess (no, I don’t own the brand😊). I chose to get the one with additional attachments as it comes with not only the hair removal, but acne clearance and skin rejuvenation fittings too. I’ve struggled with acne and blemishes my whole life so thought it was worth spending the extra money. I’m really not sure about my skin improving, but this thing certainly does wonders when it comes to hair removal. I’ve only used it a few times and already see a huge improvement…like totally bald patches on my arms and legs. You have to take in to account you skin colour and the colour of your hair…apparently the best results are achieved if you have pale skin and dark hair. I’m olive skinned with dark hair so I wasn’t sure if it would work for me, but surprisingly I’m seeing great results. Another thing I thought was great about this particular brand was the fact that you can use it at home for both face and body, it comes with cool protection glasses😎 and what’s more…it has 350000 flashes. This means you can use it for decades (though certainly hope your hair’s gone by then). It’s also fairly easy to use unless you’re a moron…which I have to admit I am. I was trying to do my unibrow area one day and accidentally singed half of my right eyebrow…not only it smelled foul, but the hair was afterwards brittle and bristly. I’ve since been putting eyelash serum on it to help it grow and at this point my right eyebrow is probably super confused thinking…do you want me to grow or fall out?🤔

So good luck both hairy and not so hairy girls…hope you find a hair removal method that works for you. I think I have😉.

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