What It Feels Like For A Girl

Do you know what it feels like for a girl? And I’m not just quoting Madonna (who by the way is the only living musical legend left), but when you start swapping handbags the amount of useless crap you find that you’d forgotten about can certainly amount to a small charity shop. I got bored of my ‘classy’ bag and so I decided to transfer all my stuff to the more ‘free spirit’ tassel satchel. As you can see from the above pictures some items are indeed useful like tampons, nail files, ponytail holders, a safety alarm and a tactical pen. Now the safety alarm is actually one I’ve been (re)issued at work. And you can probably gather from the ‘re’ prefix that an alarm was issued to me more than once. Funny story…I actually had a Suzy Lamplugh alarm to begin with, which looks like a cute mini deodorant, but when I took my mum to Spain last summer let me tell you that alarm wreaked havoc with airport security. They didn’t know what it was, pulled me to the side, asked if it was a pepper spray…I kept saying it’s a personal alarm and it was from work, I obviously couldn’t prove my point cos if I’d pressed the button on the damn thing it would’ve caused so much panic at the airport that I probably would’ve been pinned to the ground in seconds. My mum (who doesn’t speak a lot of English) was so confused and terrified at this point that I just let it go and security got to keep my alarm. Luckily we didn’t run into any trouble in good old rowdy Benidorm.

Another item in the photo is a glow stick I bought for my Clubbercise class, which, may I just say, I religiously attended for 2 weeks. And last but not least, the sleek, stylish tactical pen my husband bought for me for personal protection and self defense. This spy pen can not only write, but break a windshield in case of emergency and of course really hurt someone you don’t like. It helps that it’s legal and can be taken to places that don’t allow weapons.

And let’s not forget the Vaseline lip balm and pink selfie stick, which of course don’t save lives, but certainly help with chapped lips and saving memories. So as you can see…all geared up for my upcoming girls night out…bring it on;)

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