Red Hot Chili Peppers, Phone PopSockets and an Absolutely Useless TV

So I guess being sick as a dog (and not going in to work) has its own perks…especially if your nose won’t stop running and sleeping isn’t an option. It gives you time…time to reflect, reminisce, evaluate and of course over-analyse. And since I’ve just recently got into more forms of social media this wretched cold has also given me the time to sift through the umpteen pics I’ve got on my phone and supposedly separate the wheat from the chaff. I don’t really know how much storage space my phone has, but once in a while I have the occasional moment of panic about possibly overloading it so I start frantically deleting stuff off my phone…and that’s exactly what happened today. Going through my photos though…it made me realise how lucky and blessed I am (though this cold is literally making me want to die) and also how full my life is. Despite all my moaning about how hectic my days are and how tired I am all the time (my friends are all nodding their heads at this point) I am actually truly grateful for my healthy, energetic kids; my amazing husband; my lovely family and friends; the ability to live in a peaceful, somewhat economically stable country; to travel and see the world; and of course my job and the cosy ‘roof’ it puts over our heads. Another thing I’m grateful for is the fact that my kids have the amazing opportunity to visit their grandparents and stay the summer with them in Bulgaria. This so far has proven a valuable experience for them and has taught them independence, given them a completely new perspective on life, taught them appreciation and given them an understanding in to a whole new culture. I love my kids (you know there’s a ‘but’ coming at this point), but my husband and I actually quite enjoyed a kids free month last summer and indeed having the whole house to ourselves for the very first time. In fact it almost felt like being on holiday; we still had to go to work and I still had assignment deadlines to meet, but it afforded us lie ins (anything past 6am counts), gave us the freedom to make decisions on the spot and allowed us time to complete small DIY projects. Not sure if getting a radiator cover and ‘installing’ it counts as a DIY project, but that had been on our agenda for quite some time. We like our quirky minimalist stuff (like the hands only clock on our living room wall, which has prompted various questions such as ‘where’s the rest of the clock?’); So we found this sleek, black glass radiator cover and fitted it over the ugly white radiator the house developers decided to put right in the middle of the feature wall in the kitchen. Again, this purchase prompted some funny questions. In fact when the kids came back from Bulgaria they sat right in front of it and asked where the remote control was. The red hot chili peppers canvas above it is yet another quirky item that I take full credit for. If anything my husband complained that I bought the freaking thing just to make his life miserable. I guess hanging an asymmetric 4 panel canvas isn’t the easiest job in the world, but nothing he can’t handle (wink wink). The latest craze when it comes to phone gadgets seems to be these things I later on discovered were called pop sockets. Now as an up and coming blogger (canned laughter in the background) I thought I must look after my wrists and avoid ‘contracting’ carpal tunnel syndrome. So yes, I bought one and I’m not even ashamed of it…quite handy for taking selfies in the mirror too. So there you have it…blabbing on must be another symptom of this terrible virus I’ve got. Till next time.

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