Coconut Oil

Oil Pulling: A guide to teeth whitening, drain clogging and husband upsetting

Coconut milk and oil
Ecodenta Charcoal Toothpaste

Teeth whitening these days seems to be on everyone’s agenda. And no wonder! Recent studies and (TV documentaries I’ve personally watched) claim that teeth whitening isn’t just about looks anymore, but can also influence people’s perceptions of us. What’s more, pearl white teeth can apparently make us more successful in love, work and life in general. Research shows that people with whiter smiles appear wealthier and better educated. One particular study indicated that those with pearly whites were more successful at job interviews and even received higher salary offers. So there you have it…our teeth are obviously not just for chewing, but if the right shade, they can help you find a life partner, secure a better career or climb the social ladder.

I myself have tried a few things in order to brighten my smile. Coffee and red wine are my poison, both of which known to be the leading cause for stained teeth. So not good news for me! The first time I looked in to teeth whitening was in preparation for my wedding a couple of years ago. I went to a local beauty salon and 45 minutes later the difference in my teeth was without a doubt noticeable. However, it wasn’t all peaches and cream…a few hours after the treatment the pain started and literally made my whole mouth, in fact my whole head, throb. I didn’t sleep a wink that night and despite the painkillers I took the pain went on for a bit over 24 hours. Now saying that, my husband, mum and brother had their teeth done at the same place and only had slight sensitivity and discomfort. My teeth aren’t normally sensitive and I’m really not sure why I was in so much pain when the rest of my family weren’t. My pearly smile lasted for about 6 months, after which I briefly toyed with the idea of having them whitened again, but the memory of the excruciating pain nipped that thought right in the bud.

I decided to look for charcoal toothpastes online and found one that had pretty good reviews from customers Ecodenta. The toothpaste contains eco friendly and natural materials and addresses the full hygiene of your mouth e.g. protects against tartar, removes plaque and provides a long lasting feeling of freshness. I’m really not sure if Ecodenta actually worked for me as I only used one tube of it. Perhaps I should have stuck with it and used it a bit longer…persistence is the key they say.

I recently read about oil pulling…yep, you read it right. It’s apparently an ancient method of gargling with oil on an empty stomach for 20 minutes, which helps draw out toxins in your body and promotes not only oral, but overall health. In addition, it’s meant to also naturally whiten your teeth. Coconut oil is the best kind to use for this oil swishing act and as I like anything coconut I thought I’d give it a go. The articles I read did mention to make sure you don’t spit it out in the sink as it solidifies and may clog the drains. Being a good ‘listener’ I obeyed these sensible instructions and spat the oil in the toilet instead. This was happening just over this past Xmas when my brother was visiting and advised there’s something wrong with our drains. Being house proud as a first time home owner, I took his remark personally (which meant I completely ignored it). The day after he left, my son was casually evacuating his bowels whilst I was taking a shower in the same bathroom (that’s right, no such thing as privacy in our household) when I noticed the shower wasn’t draining. Of course in that precise moment my son flushed the toilet (I’m trying to not be too graphic here), but you can imagine what happened. It was a comedy of errors indeed. My husband deduced it was my oil pulling that had done it and of course told me off. This incident has somewhat put me off oil pulling so I am now looking for the next best thing. Stay tuned!

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