Ferdinand movie

Doormats and Matadors

Ferdinand movie
Ferdinand movie
Slide to Open Doormat
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The brutally honest truth about being a woman in her 30s as well as a mum of two is that you tend to get excited about somewhat trivial matters such as bagging a bargain, your kids using the recycling bin appropriately and belonging to a neighborhood watch. Nothing wrong with that I say. We just start looking beyond ourselves and caring about things other than just us. The best thing about getting older is the experience that comes with age, which in turn makes us a lot more confident which then means we don’t care as much about what people think. So liberating! They say youth is wasted on the young; I say they can keep it! I wouldn’t want to go back to my 20s if they paid me. I much prefer this version of me, the version that doesn’t care, yet cares a lot more.

As is usually the case this year’s New Year’s Eve proved to be a bit of an anticlimax with fireworks failing to explode properly, kids complaining that they were bored and hot wax being spilled all over the kitchen floor (no hanky panky going on in case you’re wondering). Anyway, by the time the wax solidified our doormat looked like a  ginormous, ill-placed candle, which appeared to be a good enough reason to complete our first online purchase of 2018: Slide to Open doormat. Now a doormat may seem like an easy item to purchase, but let me tell you: trying to coordinate the color of the mat with the kitchen color scheme, getting the shape and size right and not to mention the thickness and material of it can be quite a laborious task. My daughter’s verdict on our choice of doormat was that it was cool, but it would’ve been better if it was the YouTube sign.

Upon completion of the first purchase of the year, we decided to take the kids to the cinema to see Ferdinand as to peel them off their tablets (I know you people without kids are judging me right ow, but for us parents it’s all about choosing the lesser of two evils). Anyway, the movie was actually pretty good. The animation industry nowadays, they’ve really got it all sussed out having these films work on many different levels so the parents can actually enjoy them too (I’ve seen enough Peppa Pig to last me a lifetime). So the first day of 2018 went pretty well apart from the temperamental baby at the cinema who didn’t seem to like Ferdinand one bit and burst in to tears every time the bull loomed on the screen. So all in all..kids were happy, we were happy…and that bargain I was talking about: green energy that saves you lots of money (they sort out the whole switch including the paperwork) and makes you feel good about doing your share for the environment Bulb… excitement all around.

Image of El Primero from http://ferdinandmovie.wikia.com/wiki/El_Primero

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