Long Eyelashes

Long 4 Lashes: How to Grow Long Lashes Fast

Every girl dreams of the perfect long lashes that would give her that glam Minnie Mouse look. I’ve personally tried a number of treatments in my time including expensive 3D/4D mascaras, extensions, lash lifts and ‘botox’ (a concoction of vitamins to promote growth). Unlucky for me, on one particular occasion of getting lash infills I got a severe allergic reaction to I’m still not sure what…perhaps the glue or gel pads, but let me tell you…I woke up the next day with my eyes so swollen that I had to call in sick at work. I think if I’d actually gone in that day social services would’ve been knocking on our door later on for sure (good thing I like my husband;). Anyway the swelling went down in the next couple of days, but it certainly left a bad taste in my mouth. I removed the extensions not long after and of course felt like a snail missing its shell for a while. Whilst my natural lashes are fairly long, they are not very thick and so removing the falsies gave me that bald feeling…guess I’d gotten used to having them as the focal point of my face. Great…now people could just focus on all the imperfections on my face instead e.g. facial hair, pimples, etc.

Just recently I noticed that one of my friend’s eyelashes looked really glam. I asked her if she’s got extensions put in, but to my surprise she said no. Instead she said she’d been using a lash serum called Long 4 Lashes, which had significantly improved the length and thickness of her natural lashes. I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to products that claim to do wonders. Most of these are hocus pocus as my mum would say. But because my friend’s lashes did look a lot better I thought I’d bite the bullet and sacrifice the £20 (that’s right I’m stingy; it’s my upbringing). I can honestly say that I only used the serum for about two weeks and my lashes grew literally like weeds. As previously mentioned my natural eyelashes are fairly long and as I didn’t want to overdo it I stopped ‘fertilizing’ them after the initial two weeks. Perhaps the moral of the story is that 1) ‘miracles’ do happen, but it’s always better to use products that have been given good reviews by real people…and 2) I am now certainly one happy, long-lashed customer.

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Image by @Hristina_Hristova_Design

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